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By | May 30, 2021

Healthcare Delivery Kiosks

Telehealth kiosk

Telehealth kiosk

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OnDemand Visit, a direct-to-consumer telemedicine app, now offers walk-up kiosks for easy, accessible virtual healthcare visits. Although hospitals and clinics have already offered kiosk services for a quicker check-in process onsite, OnDemand Visit is kicking it up a notch by taking the kiosks offsite. Specifically, they are installing these kiosks at various school campuses.

OnDemand Visit’s high-tech healthcare kiosks are built with user-friendly features and high-functioning medical applications. Their seamless telemedicine app has already expanded physicians’ patient reach across geographical locations, but the kiosk expands the reach even further to include those without access to a smart device or computer. Instead of having to commute to the nearest hospital or doctor’s office, a patient can find a close, convenient kiosk instead. Where would such a machine come most in handy? A school campus!

Consider this scenario: A fourth grade boy starts to not feel well during class. He asks to be taken to the school nurse’s office. In the nurse’s office, she examines his symptoms, takes his temperature and vitals, and decides he may be sick enough to see a doctor. Instead of calling the boy’s mother and letting her deal with it, she has an OnDemand Visit kiosk installed right there. She is able to input the boy’s medical information and speak to a pediatrician virtually. The pediatrician performs a virtual exam and writes the boy a prescription for an antibiotic. The nurse can now send the boy home to his mother with the medical visit already taken care of.

Now consider another scenario: A college student is in her dorm room and starts to feel ill. She has a fever, chills, and a slightly upset stomach. She knows she needs to seek medical attention, but the thought of driving all the way to urgent care feeling this way doesn’t sound appealing. However, there is an OnDemand Visit kiosk in her building, so she walks there instead. At the kiosk, she quickly puts in her profile and insurance information and is connected to a healthcare professional who diagnoses her symptoms as Influenza and sends a Tamiflu prescription to her pharmacy down the street.

In both scenarios, there are no downsides. The healthcare kiosks offer multiple benefits such as saving time getting to and from a facility, money for gas and copays, and ultimate patient satisfaction. By installing these kiosks on school campuses, both the school systems and the students reap the benefits. OnDemand Visit is ahead of the curve when it comes to all things telemedicine, and this is just the beginning of the advanced solutions they are sure to continue to provide. For more details visit

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OnDemand Visit, Inc. is an all-in-one direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that enables the highest level of quality and cost-effective healthcare for patients, regardless of where they are located. Technology offers a built-in AI and Machine learning tool to identify patients based on Geo-Location and pair them with the nearest licensed care provider within the network. The secured solution connects patients, employees, and members with doctors in real-time or OnDemand. This enterprise-wide virtual care solution engages more conveniently than in-person office visits. A true clinical telemedicine technology. For more information call, 800-638-5535.