Social Service Kiosk – Delaware Library Telehealth Initiative Deployment

By | May 21, 2021

Library Telehealth Kiosk Deployment

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telehealth kiosk library

telehealth kiosk library

SEAFORD, Del.- An all in one kiosk at the Seaford District Library will hopefully start making a difference soon in the community.

It’s called the Social Service Kiosk.

This Delaware Libraries Telehealth Initiative can fit 2 to 3 people inside.

People can use software-loaded computers to help them access telehealth services, online job interviews, legal appointments, and more.

The kiosks are soundproofed, equipped with HEPA filtration, UV sterilization technology, and hand sanitizer dispensers.

We’re told hopefully this kiosk will remove barriers to access in the community.

“We think that this will bring access, equity especially in digital platforms,” Rachel Wackett, Deputy Executive Director for the, Seaford District Library, said. “Clearly we recognize the need that everything has changed with the new reality, and we made the pivot to access to healthcare for our community.”

The Seaford District Library is one of the first three libraries in the state to offer these kiosk services, the others are in Laurel and Milford libraries.

We’re told several funders helped with this initiative.

Funds also enabled them to hire staff called “Navigators,” who assist in parts of the kiosk process including scheduling appointments, assistance with technology inside the kiosk, the necessary case management and follow up for each patrons specific needs.

Seaford District Library was the first library in the state to re-open after the initial COVID lockdown, because we recognize that the public library is a vital part of the community, especially when it comes to digital and health access.