Telehealth Abortion Challenges With Latest Ruling

By | June 27, 2022

Telehealth Abortion

Ways that telehealth providers are reacting to the SCOTUS ruling. Full Article from FierceHealthcare

In Brief

  • deploying fleet of mobile clinics at borders of states
  • consultation and secure delivery of medications
  • eventually mobile clinic-based procedural abortion
  • Will serve those over 11 weeks (not eligible for medication)
  • Medication abortions account for more than 50% of abortions
  • FDA approved in first 10 weeks
  • Expect legal challenge by red states to FDA


Moving forward, states trying to crack down on access to abortion services will focus on pharmaceutical companies and groups providing virtual abortions, Sue Swayze Liebel, state policy director for anti-abortion rights group Susan B. Anthony List, told Politico.

But states will face significant enforcement challenges in attempts to restrict patients’ access to medication abortions, experts say. And it’s an issue that will likely be litigated in court.

With the rise of telehealth and self-managed abortions, enforcement of state abortion laws may shift away from providers to focus on patients who seek abortions and people who aid them, some experts say.

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